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Hi Robin,
It has been what seems like forever since we have stepped foot in ABC. This pandemic quarantine is immensely life changing and exceptionally challenging on the social-emotional well being of every individual. I am beyond thankful that ABC has not been infected with this virus and forced to close. So many essential workers depend on you, your staff, and place of business. I truly look forward to your weekly emails you send out as one of my few connections to what feels like the outside world to me. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been out in public since March 13th due to fear of contracting the virus and spreading it. I really appreciate how open and honest you are in your emails. The turbulent feelings you share resonate with so many people and I for one find comfort in knowing I am not alone with the drastic and ever changing mixed emotions I fluctuate between. I am beyond thankful to hear staff are well and healthy too. I know Jackson misses Ms. Caroline and Ms. Bry. I honestly cannot wait to be able to bring him back once the dust (C-19) has settled a bit more. I know his little sister will be just as eager to join him as well.

How has everything at ABC been? Most importantly, how are you doing? I cannot imagine how you all are dealing and trudging through this unique historical event. But you and all the girls are and that speaks volumes about you all. It makes me happy to hear slowly kids are returning and I cannot wait for that to be the case for us as well. Lastly, with it being teacher appreciation week I was wondering if you could ask Ms. Caroline and Ms. Bry the names of some places they are frequenting currently since I know so many stores are closed. Jackson would like to send in a gift certificate for each of them to their place of choosing so they can get some things they would like. Stay well and healthy and I look forward to hearing from you Robin. Take care!

Good Afternoon Robin,

Thank you so much for your email back. It made me cry. We’ve been with you since becoming parents and very much wanted that to continue. The move put a twist on that but through our discussions of what to do continuity was at the core. Back in the spring all of our colleagues with young children faced the news of their daycare closing and were at a loss. ABC did not close for a single day and at the height of the pandemic it never entered your doors. These were extraordinary feats to battle against and win. All the parents I talked to were floored you never closed and no one ever got sick. This speaks volumes about you as a person and that you truly have children and families at the heart of what you do. YOU put essential working families before yourself. I always knew you were pretty darn bad *** (sorry for my language haha) but this pandemic has brought that statement to a whole new level in regards to you. Again, reiterating why our family is more than happy to make the long commute to ABC.  I know all businesses are struggling and I didn’t want to further burden your business with us unable to pay full tuition at this time, if you were able to enroll three other children who’s families could afford the regular payments.

 From the bottom of my heart thank you so very much for working with us. As soon as we are able to we will absolutely pay more. We both have to report to work on Monday 8/31 so if ABC has power we would love for the three of them to attend

 I am beyond grateful and so thankful we are able to remain with ABC. Have a good rest of your day and weekend and hope all stay well, safe and healthy. 


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